Getting Back On Track

So, we have not been very active with this blog, as any blogger would know it is actually very hard work.

Between running a business and life there is hardly moments to just sit down and blog, as family moments are so important rather spending a life in front of a screen.

But nun the less, we have made time for this post to basically give a rundown of what you missed.

The last time we posted in April we spoke about Christine & Gerhard's wedding, Oh that was so much fun. Oh the beauty of a wedding. with mixed emotions. Every wedding we shoot, one tends to notice the emotional little moments that seem invisible to others. makes you think of our own wedding where I the only time i cried more was with the birth of our two beautiful sons.So there are so many photoshoots I would love to share with

you but we are not permitted to share these images online, so unfortunate as some are from our best work so far.

Okay so the next shoot that can be shared, was the lovely couple Senzo & Nonhle, been together for a long time, and this was their first shoot, well where a paid photographer was involved. Humble could not describe these fun and energetic two. The shoot was a present for Nonhle for her birthday, and was she happy, you could not get that smile of her face.

One of the things that make this Job the pleasure it is. O that moment when someone opens their photos, their eyes widen up and their hole face lights up... that moment that exact moment that make everything worth while.

The next shoot was someone that was with us a year before. And then had Little Logan, and so she came back, and may I say Thank you to Salome for trusting us in this shot... It Is pronominal and Beautiful as it displays a miracle. So as much as she is part of this shoot it was actually about Logan as he did his first ever shoot, a newborn shoot. I can only say how cute, he was such a good boy giving us every moment we need to capture him in serenity. O and how calm and collective allowing us to dress him.

He truly enjoyed the attention. newborn photography is actually very complex as it is not always as it seems. and needs careful attention to the infant and his/her needs. they tend to become grumpy and wriggly with non stop tears running one can tend to end up on a six hour shoot to just get that one shot.

Another shoot that is very complex and nothing what so ever as the end result is cakesmash shoots,

parents want this ideal image thay have in their minds expecting their little one year old to do exactly as expected, but the truth is they are still babies and still a little insecure as the become more human. So putting your baby behind a cake and dunking their hand in it will only result into tears. the best is for the to discover it for them selves.

Next we had the sweet little Tesia, posing for us until it became to much all at once... she was really good as there was a family session before the cakesmash, and for a one year old to keep concentration that long was a

wonder. I can only say tank you Tesia for allowing the grownups to push you so far. but as always full of fun and laughter, at Hughsten photography

We strive on happiness and laughter only juices us up so much quicker, when we are under pressure, it is the little giggles that keep everything together.

So it was with Senzo and Lindeni, capturing something special that has lasted 10 Years, and many more to come. as this was a ten year anniversary gift to Lindeni. At first they were very skeptical as this was their first photoshoot as well. and may I say, everyone is skeptical at first. the pose is awkward and seems unatural. do these guys know what they are doing? this isnt what i wanted? And SNAP the flash goes off like what was that? i wasnt ready? My eyes were closed... then that moment the photo is viewed, they have this instant internal dance everything lights up and instantly they relax, and realize, okay this works.

We really had fun this year with the photography, we gained knowledge we grew and everything we did we learned so much more that anyone can anticipate... photography I must say is everything i dreamed of, but it sure is very hard work.

No one realizes That we do not just point and shoot, and that the process takes time and patience.

The Botha family trusted us with their family portraiture and by no surprise what a lot of fun this was, even ouma was energetic, and pleased to smile. so basically, this was a session to depart Nicola, that was leaving for America.

a farewell shoot and everyone was happy full of laughter and energy let do this I want a photo like this capture this, kinda makes it a little easier for us we only snap away.. and get good candid moments.

We all have inspiration, admiration, ambition and goals. well most do. Ind so do we, we aim at growing learning and improving in every aspect possible. getting form treating each person at the utmost importance to producing the perfect photo. And satisfactory clients that always come back.

So halfway through the year, we realized that photography is not to be given up on and I realized i will never be able to let it go.

The Next session was with Linmarie and Ruan's Matric Dance photoshoot, and was this fun. I did not only enjoy this session but was also late to pick up my wife from work. I luckily did not sleep on the couch, but was close enough Linmarie & Ruan really inspired me and has a lot to do with how and what my photo look like

today. it has been a long and hard road since I started but with these two it was laughter all the way they had me almost hiking so far we had to walk. and we got great shots.. again i can only say thank you for trusting me with capturing these memories

Being that time of the year, matriculates started contacting for photographers, and what do we have next?

Connor and Michaela's Matric Dance, Shy and serene ye elegant these two were so gracious and sweet.

Connor an exchange student from Alaska, ending his year here, and Michaela His friend from far... at first very weary, and as usual by the end every one was laughing and relaxed and yet a gentle shoot.

And we had Adam & Jessica, not only were the dates but also an actual couple... I like working with these couples, as they are more at ease with each other, and of course being young and in love they were as sweet as can be.

I truly enjoyed this session as after each image taken Jessica got more exited and the more her face lit up the more amazing the shots got. no matter how good of a photographer you are you can only be as good as the model allows you to be, but in the same breath we work with people and not models that do it for a living. so obviously the old saying goes happy wife happy life, the more Jessica enjoyed the images the more Adam enjoyed the shoot the better the images got. A win win situation.

Up next we had Nothando and her Partner, one of those last minute shoots where one is unprepared as can

be. I think it went well considering the partner only arrived 5 min before the session ended. Helping out fellow togs is what it should be. working together. but lets not go down that rout. I actually enjoyed this session I was eager and wanted to get something new... what happened? The sun went down and thus the the light disappeared, meaning no light no Photographs. Although we use Flash we still need natural light for the background, but this once again changed the way I produse images today and pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to come up with something, and voila, Did it! Captured clear images in low light.

Hence the servere improvement in shooting, I still had the issues with post production, o Something I struggled to gasp, so the best was to stick to what I was doing, previous

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